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what happens when you turn off Wi-Fi hotspot at your home. Can you continue to use Wi-Fi at home?

does it effect your internet , TV or your cell phone


I'm using Xfinity, if that helps.  Thank you

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  • DW
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    3 months ago
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    I assume you're asking about a setting on your phone.

    When wifi hotspot is enabled, the phone becomes a wifi spot. Another device can connect to that wifi and get to the internet through the phone's cell data.

    Hopefully your home devices aren't getting to the internet that way, so shutting it off won't affect anything. If it *does* affect a device, that device is using the wrong wifi - leave the wifi hotspot turned off, and fix the problem by telling the device to use your home wifi instead of using the phone

    Also, some wireless providers charge extra for allowing your phone to be a wifi hotspot. If you're not using that feature you probably don't want to be paying for it.

  • Bill-M
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    3 months ago

    No.  When you turn off Your Home WIFI Router, you will no longer be able to connect anything to WIFI in your home.   Other WIFI's Yes.  And if the ROUTER is turned off, Ethernet will also not work.

  • BigE
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    3 months ago

    Are you talking about Xfinity hot spot in your account? 

    I believe it turns off the SSID that broadcasts "xfinity wifi" on your router, if Xfinity turns it on so others can user your router (only Xfinity gateways).

    So it doesn't effect other things, I even think you can still use other gateways (I used it once to get online in a parking lot). Everything should still work unless you connected your devices to it, and even then if you have a close neighbor it will connect to them.

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