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What is my period telling me?

For the past year my period's have become more and more painful than they used to be. Sometimes to the point where it feels unbearable. Pain pills don't work anymore. I have tried other things as well. The last two months my period has been late by a week. It takes around 36 - 38 days for my new period to start and this month again, I am 8 days late! I am not sexually active with anyone nor have I been ever. I started having brown discharge for the past 3 days. What does this mean and is this normal?


I'm only 23. 

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    Unfortunately monthly periods can become erratic and so can the severity of discomfort or pain.

    Although it is not completely normal it is I'm afraid a fact of life that this can happen. Periods can also change the time they begin. This is not unusual.

    I suggest you consult your doctor about this and he/she may decide to perform some tests to ensure there is no other problems.

    The doctor should be able to give you some medication to help alleviate the pains you experience during your period.

    Good luck and I hope your menstrual cycle will soon be back to normal

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    I read that the old fashioned remedy of taking 1-2Tbs per week of organic molasses will help that, besides drugs are dangerous......and Brown is old blood finally coming out.....

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