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why did we shut down the economy for months and spend TRILLIONS of dollars ?  it didnt really stop the virus much did it? why?

it has now really crippled the economy and now they are going to require kids back in school to continue to spread it?

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    Around 40% of the deaths in the US were in care homes. That was because Democrat governors insisted on filling them with COVID-19 patients rather than use the temporary hospitals provided by POTUS.

    And yet they still have the cheek to blame President Trump!

    If you look at the countries that did well with the virus and note what medications they were using you might spot a pattern. Should that medication have been banned by non-medical people, e.g. state governors, and does that make them in some way liable for the deaths?

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    We didn't shut it down.  We shut down only a small part of it.  And now, because we didn't shut down enough, we're going to have to shut down a lot more for a lot longer.

    In countries that did shut down their economies for real, and not just the small fraction that we did, they got the virus under control and are ready to reopen safely.

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    The only reason why it didn't work is the fact that there are too many ignorant Americans that can't follow a temporary safety guideline 

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    Because idiots think they can stop the course of nature.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Thank the Democrats for that.

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    1 month ago

    because that was the intention. to cripple the economy while also making the rich , very much richer in comparison to others

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