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Can a woman over 40 find her first coding job? ?

No professional background. I have been working in hospitality. I failed my university exams 20 years ago, I wanted to be a programmer back then but in my country to get in to a uni you have to have a lot of extra, language certs etc.

After that life happened. A few years ago my mate told me that I wouldn't actually need a degree to get into this field. 

Is it not too late? I mean if someone has a look at my CV, I feel it immediately lands in the bin. 

I don't care about the money, I just want to do things I'm actually interested. 

Oh, and I know it's a lifetime of learning and I'm happy with it. 

I have the knowledge by now but I thought I'd get into a boot camp to learn how to work with people and have some job seeker's assistance. And later try to go to uni again, durance learning. 

Any thoughts? Do I have a chance of finding a job at all? 



Why is it a fake question?????????

Unfortunately this is the sad reality of my life. 

Judging by your reply, the answer is no. 

Update 2:

OK, what is so nonsensical about it?? Is it that a 43 year old woman wants to become a programmer? Or even if you have excellent grades at secondary school, you will not get into a university course as you need extra points in my home country? Or is it weird that my programmer mate thought I could change my life? I really don't understand what your problem is. A simple NO would have been enough. "No chance, just let this go" Thanks for replying. 

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    Sure, it's possible. I was in IT for over 45  years and employed new programmers in their 40s. You're at an age where you're not likely to quit early to raise children and old enough to have a sense of responsibility. You do not need a degree but proof of attending a course of study is important. You might find that at a local community college or business school. An innovative option is the Lamda School at  You can succeed but it takes work. Do not give up because a few people voice doubts. Good luck.

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