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Low Sat score and depressed?

I’m a 17 year old student who depended on a load of money for a sat prep course. I’m very sad on my results. I have been doing good on the practice essays. I would get 10 out of 12. However, my sat score is still low. I took the PSAT, my sophomore year. I scored 810. I then have been studying in a prep course and I usually get 900-940. Which is still bad. My father and I want to score a 1300 at the minimum. I want to go to a private college, one of the best, in state of Florida. I don’t want to get in debt either, so I want to do well on the sat to get scholarships. My gpa is unweighted 3.8 and weighted is 4.0. Any tips, to maintain my GPA and do well on the SAT? By the way, all my sections are really bad. My reading Is eh ok. I only get usually 20-33/52 right.

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    Well school is not for everyone. With such low sat scores I recommend going to community college first to see if you will even like it and keep up with the workload.

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    First find out what the requirements are for academic scholarships at the universities you want to apply to. 

    At my daughter’s university,  academic scholarship are  based on your unweighted cumulative gpa at the end of junior year, (you

    SAT/ACT scores didn’t get you a scholarship.  

    SAT/ACT is based more on what knowledge you have and how well you use can use that knowledge and time management skills.

    Most students only increase their score slightly when they take it a second time or third time. Chances of you going from a 940 to 1300 are slim.

    If possible Plan on taking the SAT twice before you have to apply. 

    Apply to 3-6 schools. At least one public state school.  See where you get in and who gives you the best financial aid package. 

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