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My sister knows she's in a controlling relationship, and that her boyfriend is manipulative, yet she stays with him....?

my sister has spent weeks talking with me about her boyfriend, sometimes the only times she wants to spend time with me is to discuss him. She's been going to therapy, and has come to the realization that he is very controlling and uses material belongings to manipulate and guilt her into staying with him, and he gaslights her into believing her mental condition is the only reason for any of her negative feelings towards him. when she has tried to break things off, he manipulates/guilts her, and she stays with him... then she comes to me saying she feels trapped because he has basically begged to 'postpone' the break up to SEE if things can improve, and will also say to me that she KNOWS she will be happier alone /single. 

Its her bday; she and I were supposed to have a sleepover, and we made these plans a while ago. but he was messaging her, insisting on calling/talking. so not even an hour after we got to her place to chill, she left and came back 2 HOURS later saying that shes going over there to break up/get her stuff. She said they agreed the relationship was over. i just told her to let me know when she comes back, I'll help her with her stuff and we can continue the plans we had; I  asked if she was going to be spending the night over there because at this point its past 8, and she very adamantly said no multiple times. She msgs me now saying shes spending the night + we can always do our plans tmrw- I cant help but just feel abandoned; am I wrong to feel this way?

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