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is a psyd worth it?

so before you say “if you have to ask it’s not”, i have wanted to pursue clinical psychology since high school. i focused on it throughout college, graduated summa *** laude, and got in a doctoral program. now there is two weeks until it starts, and i did not get much financial aid at all. i’ve come to the bitter realization that when i graduate i will be able 300,000 dollars in debt not to mention the interest that will accrue while paying it back. so my question is, is it worth it? if you have done a psyd or anything with clinical psychology pleaseeee let me know, and if not fee free to give an opinion. i’ve been so sad this week as i’m considering doing a different program, unrelated to psychology because i can’t help feel as though i am getting played paying that much. any opinions welcome thanks

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    In my opinion, not worth it. You can work even without it. But if you want to do it, get a PsyD from the Philippines where the tuition is much cheaper. Probably less than one-tenth the cost than in the United States. My uncle got his M.D. from the Philippines. Passed the medical board in the USA. Earned a lot of money as a doctor in USA

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    I would say,no.

    You have a life,live it.

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