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What percentage of the ocean is made up of fecal matter?

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    Rounding to the nearest percent? 0 %  Fecal matter does not persist.  It has a fairly short duration of existence before it gets consumed or oxidized.  However, local volumes of ocean can have elevated fecal matter contents, especially in areas where rivers dump into bays.  But it becomes a steady-state condition, where the amount coming in is equal in rate to the amount that is removed/destroyed, making the area which is affected become fairly tiny relative to ocean size.

    Biomass on earth (including land) is about 10^12 tonnes.  The oceans are about 10^21 tonnes, so biomass represents only about 0.0000001 % of the oceans.  That would take an awful lot of fecal-creating to make a measurable amount, and given that most biomass is plant life, not animal life, the challenge is very high..  Can't be done.

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