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Tips for a first apartment?

I got approved for my first apartment this week! My guy and I are heading to IKEA tomorrow to start looking around as we move in less than 30 days! Any tips or things to remember for a first apartment? 

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    What do you want advice for, moving into your first apartment or shopping at Ikea?  My advice is - 1) focus and 2) Is Ikea really where you want to shop? For what?

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    Speaking as a property manager, I've got lots! Here are my essentials:

    1. Get a basic set of tools. I'm talking screw drivers, hammer, wrench, Allen wrench set (euro, American, and star set) power drill, and, most importantly, a plunger for each bathroom. You'll thank me later.

    2. Get renter's insurance, even if it's not required. Why? Because if there's a fire, flood, bed bug infestation, or any other major event in the apartment, your stuff will not be covered by the building's insurance. Get at least $10,000 in personal property coverage and $100k in personal liability coverage. Hopefully you'll never need it, but if you do? You'll be glad it's there.

    3. Read your lease in detail. What does it say about terminating the lease early? What does it say about giving notice if you're moving out? Does it say what happens if you die and still owe rent? Who is responsible for pest control? What happens if you get locked out after hours? Is there a fee? What constitutes a guest vs. a roommate? Learn that document inside out BEFORE you get keys.

    4. Before you get furniture happy, measure everything. You know what's worse than putting Ikea furniture together? Trying to take it apart because it doesn't fit.

    5. As you're decorating, be SUPER careful with some of the decor ideas out there that claim to be renter-friendly. A lot of them will cause you to lose your security deposit if you mess up, so follow instructions extremely carefully. I've seen Command hooks trash brand new kitchen cabinets. Those super fun removable wall decals can stain walls if you're not careful. Read everything before you buy and follow all of the instructions (even if it seems dumb).

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    first of all as my remark to anonymous troll down there ikea is from sweden, not switzerland. those are 2 separate countries which are very far from each other. second furniture from there is as good quality as any other. third maybe first u move there then start buying furniture. 

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    Essentials first; decorations later. You need to get flat ware, silverware, pots, pans, a good kitchen knife, cutting board, colander, microwave, Shower curtain, towels, bedding. Large furniture comes later but know that cheap stuff will not last. IKEA makes some things from real wood and some from particleboard. Get the real wood; it’ll last longer. 

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    Furniture is so inexpensive on letgo and facebook marketplace.

    You can get GREAT quality for really low prices.

    Buy the basic - couch, table, bed...

    But hold off buying everything until you are in the unit and use the space to figure out what will work.

    Things to remember =

    - apartment is community housing, be considerate of your neighbors and be flexible.

    - an apartment is someone's investment.  It might seem like it's a big corporation but somewhere down the line it's people.  Please take care when using their property.  Accidents happen.  Things will break.  That's part of life.  If it's something like plumbing or electricity that a minor problem can grow bigger if it's not fixed, please let your landlord know about repairs.

    Tips =- Make sure that you have an emergency fund to pay rent so that if your pay changes or you miss pay due to lags with new jobs, it's not a financial burden.

    - Include plants in the house.  It will freshen the house.

    Enjoy your new space. 

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    Get quality furniture, ikea is Swiss “inspired” junk.  

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