How to play the recorder in tune?

I'm a beginner recorder player. When I practiced with a tuner, I noticed that I always sound sharp. I tried to blow softly. It did sound more in tune when I tried to blow softly, but the timbre doesn't sound good if I blow softly.

Is my technique wrong? Is there something wrong with my instrument? Or do recorders just normally sound sharp?


I use a plastic recorder. I tried pulling out the head joint a bit to tune the recorder. The G sounds in tune now, but the rest of the notes aren't. At least they don't sound as out of tune as they did before.

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    1 month ago
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    It needs to be tuned. If it’s a cheap plastic recorder, chances are it can’t be tuned. You would tune it by pulling out or pushing in the mouthpiece, like with almost any wind instrument. Cheap plastic recorders have no movable parts. Orchestral recorders are tunable.

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