Taxes and Illegal Aliens?

What is the connection between taxes on the rise all the time and the amount of illegal aliens that continue to break our immigration laws by crossing ILLEGALLY into the United States? 

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  • Lisa A
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    2 months ago
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    Taxes have to go up and up and up to give the ever rising population of illegals and their children welfare, section 8, food stamps AFDC, TANF, a free public education, medicaid, free medical care in emergency rooms. It's also what's causing medical facilities all over to close. They don't make a profit giving away free care, or billing medicaid for care. They can't afford to stay open. It's what's causing the crisis in public schools, where good English speaking kids can't get an education because of all of the kids who don't even speak English, and all of the behavior problems preventing teachers from teaching. It's also driving down wages down for everyone, from the bottom up, causing even more need for social services among citizens, driving taxes up even more. It's a vicious cycle.

    In the last 40 years, the population of illegals has multiplied by 10 times. This doesn't even count the children of illegals.

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    There's no explicit connection. 

    There have been studies done on the budgetary impact of illegal immigration on the United States, and (at least the ones I have seen), seem to reach conclusions which would be favored by the sponsoring organizations - i.e. right-leaning organizations tend to conclude that they are a drain on government resources, left-leaning organizations seem to conclude that they are not.

    The reality seems unclear. Certainly, regardless of your political views, you should concede that illegal aliens pay at least some taxes: They would pay sales taxes, gas taxes (if they drive), etc. They will pay property taxes either directly if they own property, or indirectly if they are renting (via their landlord). Most pay payroll taxes and income taxes if they earn enough. Some do work for cash "under the table", but many work by using a made-up or "borrowed" SSN (using that of a legal relative is common), and they're paying taxes that way or by using an ITIN number. It's hard to completely dodge the tax man. 

    So clearly, some taxes are being paid by those who are undocumented. I suppose the rub then becomes whether they are paying "enough", and I don't know as there is a clear answer to this. 

    Like a lot of things, this comes down to individual circumstances. Just to offer a couple scenarios - A) a person who is undocumented, single, and working on a made up SSN, is probably a net contributor to public coffers. B) a person who is undocumented, and has children in public schools is probably a net consumer of public funds.   

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