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Peterborough, Ontario ?

There is a stair-like waterfall in Peterborough that you can walk up and down and I suppose swim.  I looked it up and I believe it’s called Healey Falls.  I was wondering if anyone knew if it was open or closed before I take the kids as it is an hour drive?  Thank you in advance.

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  • 2 months ago

    Parks and Recreations were permitted to open in Stage 2 in Ontario, however, that was if the park chose to present a health/safety plan to Ontario's healt minister and on the contingency that it was approved. Keep in mind, some parks really couldn't give two shits less about presenting a plan, and opted to stay closed during the pandemic.

    I checked their site, and I can't find any information about whether or not they are open or closed during the pandemic, they seemed to fail to let the public know where things stand. 

    My advice would be to contact Trent Severn Waterways, there number is 705-750-4900. Someone at the office will be able to let you know whether or not the falls are open or not.

  • 3 months ago

    i would call them and ask them if its open

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