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My anxiety gets so bad sometimes and I'm so worried I'm going to eventually go insane..please help?

So I have an anxiety disorder and sometimes I get so tense and stressed from it that I feel like I'm absolutely losing my mind I'll sometimes throw things or punch a pillow ...please help me I worry that I might be losing my mind.

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    Anxiety makes us feel irrational, it does make us feel like we're losing it, that's normal. It's a fear of lack of control. You're not going to lose your mind, it just feels like it. I've struggled with all kinds of anxiety disorders in my life, still do, I used to post questions on here just like yours and people could never help me much. I never had peace until I was introduced to God and His promises. People tried to tell me back then how I needed Jesus but I didn't listen, learn from my mistake, don't waste time and turn to Jesus. He is peace. You're going to need Him. Yeah pills can help, CBT, but nothing truly helped me like Him. Look up Gods promises on YouTube, He loves you so much, doesn't want you to be anxious. God bless. 

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    All right, so how have you tried to HELP YOURSELF with this problem?

    Have you been to your own doctor?

    Did your doctor prescribe medication for your condition?

    Did he refer you to a licensed mental health provider for treatment?

    Are you taking the medication you need as prescribed?

    If you have said NO to these questions, there's your problem.

    You're not doing a thing to help yourself.

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    We cannot keep you sane in this forum.

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    2 months ago

    I know it's easier said than done but try to relax. Do something that will take your mind of the stress. Do something that u enjoy doing like listening to music or excersise. 

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