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Does a soft credit pull show on your credit report? If so, how soon? ?

I’m in the process of closing on a house. I had a background check done about a week or so ago for new employment (after closing is completed). I know it’s considered  a “soft pull”. I’ve heard that lenders typically run your report right before closing. Even though I’ve received a “clear to close”,  Will that soft pull show up on my credit report if they check again on closing day? 


When I say “pull”, I mean “inquiry”. 

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    Soft pulls do not show up on your credit if lenders check.

    Soft pulls show up on your credit only if you check it yourself.

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    It is considered a soft pull. question is confusing in regards to timing. You first say you had the new employment 'after closing is completed', but then you say you're not actually closed.  The change of employment (assuming you ended with one company and didn't just add a 2nd job) can be an issue regardless of what your credit report says.

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    A soft pull does not show up on your credit. But I have learned my lesson the hard way auto dealerships pull this trick and they pull this trick on purpose when you go to purchase a car you give them permission to run your credit. And to help you obtain financing. Well they obtain financing for you. Using their preferred lenders when you walked in there you had a credit score of 675 when you walked out of there you have a credit score now of 640 because the auto dealership has submitted your application to 35 people! You will only use one of them but that still drops your credit score by 35 points and that's their whole idea so that their preferred lenders can tack on a higher interest rate!

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    An employment background check is not a "soft credit" pull.  I soft credit pull is initiated by credit companies to find people who they want to send invitations for credit.

    Having an employment related background check is a "hard pull" (someone physically requested that your information be reviewed) but has no impact on your ability to get new credit (the mortgage) because it's not related to an increase in credit. 

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