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My husband loves making me feel insecure?

He always makes fun of me, even when I dress up and try to look good. He mocks my clothing and mocks my weight and even mocks my overall appearance. We're both overweight so he cant do much talking. I tell him hes overweight like me and he says that hes a man and men dont look as bad. He makes fun of my clothing. Every time I think I look good in a dress, he puts me down and never calls me pretty anymore. I was the same weight and looked the same when we were dating so I dont understand why hes suddenly being mean to me. I told him that if he wants to divorce me, he can. But he doesn't respond to that much. He still continues to make fun of me. I never feel confident anymore and I hate myself because of him. Should I get a divorce?

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    The guy sounds like he's probably pretty insecure himself. Putting you down might make him feel better about himself, or it might be his way of trying to convey himself as more of a 'catch' in some sort of toxic power game. Sounds like a pathetic POS. 

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    This is abuse. Don't let him influence you and make you lose your self-esteem. You know that you are beautiful and that the low feeling you have is because of your husband's words and not because of you. Please don't lose hope on your marriage. God is your only solution. He still answers prayers and He always will, no matter how mean this busy and materialistic world changes humans. 

    I am praying for both of you and for your marriage to work. Pray fervently to God asking him to change your husband and He surely will. God loves you very much. You are beautiful and are a wonderful woman.

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    Why do you even have to ask, yes, of course respect yourself and get the divorce.

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    this might be a stretch, but maybe he is having an affair.. Seems he just F some sknny laced lady. I dont know. ....

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    Whether you choose to seek a divorce is up to you.  Your husband is being abusive and unkind, for whatever unknown reasons. Are you willing to leave him if he doesn't cease and desist ?If so, tell him. But don't threaten anything you aren't really prepared to do. In the meantime, please give some consideration to your own health and the risks you are taking by staying overweight, but if you choose to seriously work on this, do it for yourself, not in order to gain your mean husband's approval. Good luck,  

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    Making your partner feel insecure is a very common fault in both sexes.  If the marriage is not a true partnership then keeping your partner insecure increases your power and control.  You just have to learn to give as good as you get.  "I was the best that YOU could attract.  What does this say about you"?

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    So if it's so awful being around him, why is he there?  He wouldn't live in my house, that's for sure. What an idiot he is.  

    I don't know what you "should" and considering you're old enough to be married, maybe it's time to start making your own decisions. 

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    Ignore him, and do what makes you happy

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    Lose some weight and then leave him for a better looking guy once you've slimmed down. 

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