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Was Lord Scales rightful King of Jerusalem?

Did Lord Scales receive the ceded rights to Jerusalem at the Venetian Congress in 1476

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    This is the list of the Kings of Jerusalem; the Kingdom of Jerusalem, the Crusader state founded by Christian princes in 1099, when the First Crusade took the city :

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    Anthony, Lord Scales was brother to Queen Elizabeth Woodville (circa 1467) and brother-in-law to King Edward IV. Edward IV, his two sons (Edward V and Richard duke of York), and Anthony Lord Scales were all murdered in 1483 by Richard III. There are a few interesting facts about Scales and one intriguing legend. It's a fact that Anthony Lord Scales visited Spain and participated in a tournament in the presence of Fernando and Ysobel and they oddly translated Scales into Spanish as "Escueles" instead of the more correct "Scalas" and you'd expect the monarchs of combined Castile and Leon to have better translators. It's a fact that Anthony also known as Lord Rivers wrote a book, "Dictes and Sayings of the Philosophers". It's a fact that Anthony jousted the Bastard of Burgundy. And it's a fact that Anthony visited Venice Italy in 1476 and had a truly bizarre visit there, which is extremely well-documented but far less easy to interpret. In Venice he inexplicably travelled with a ridiculous and unwieldy fortune in jewells and plate, left it unguarded and it was stolen. Bizarrely, these many and various pieces of jewellery and plate turned up distributed all over Venice in the homes of the Venetian nobility and, when the Doge demanded that it be returned, it was all reassembled immediately and entirely. It's strange indeed for a nobleman at the time to take such a trip with so much loot, all of which is detailed in the historical record, let alone with no retainers or guard and leaving it unguarded. He attended a meeting while in Venice of the Doge and the Venetian Nobility to which he did not belong then returned immediately to England where his brother-in-law started negotiations with King James V of Scots to marry Anthony to Cecilia Stuart, the Scots King's sister. This is in the Venetian State Papers of 1476 and is verifiable. The legend which supposedly explains this otherwise inexplicable event is that the Doge and two former Queens all had a separate claim to the defunct Kingdom of Jerusalem and all ceded their several rights or claims to Anthony who planned to launch a crusade to retake the Latin Kingdom. It's true that he didn't bear the arms of Lusignan of Cyprus but his sister, as a Queen, bore Lusignan as First of quarterly of six. The records in the Venetian Congress state that Catarina Cornaro ceded her rights to Jerusalem to him as Anthony "Arnite" at the secret Congress in 1476 but, when Scales died in 1483, she ceded them again to Venice the Serenissime upon her death in 1489. And another queen with a claim to Jerusalem-Cyprus, Charlotte, likewise ceded her rights to Anthony as "Arnite," at the same Congress but, upon his death in 1483, ceded them again to the House of Savoia. 

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    Doesn't matter. Ask in the History section, please.

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