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Was there ever a time when comic books were not selling well and they had to include toys or trading cards in order to attract buyers?


What about toys though?

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    They definitely have packaged trading cards with comics.  I can remember a couple different campaigns, one in particular from Marvel stands out in my mind.  A lot of comics came in plastic with a card packaged inside.  The cards were garbage and nobody wanted them, and the campaign died.

    Another one that I thought was more interesting was they packaged animation cells from ongoing shows.  I think they were real cells even, not reproductions - but don't quote me on that.  

    Toys?  Not to my knowledge.  They sell a lot of statues and toys, but the packaging on that would make it undesirable.  Comics are thin and easily shipped in bulk.  You're talking about suddenly making every issue very bulky.

    None of these gimmicks work though.  The more common gimmick, which unfortunately DOES work in the short term, are the alternate covers...often with foil and such.  These are limited number offerings and they often get people to pay double and triple the cover price for something that will never justify the extra cost.  But at least SOME people do it.  Enough that they kept doing it.  But you can only go to that well so often.

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    Yes, in the early 90s they used to include bright holographic covers and trading cards in sealed bags. Shortly after that, the comic market went from booming to crashed, and marvel went bankrupt for a year and had to sell temporary movie and comic rights that they previously wished to keep to stay afloat. I have never heard of comics coming with toys, but I have heard of toys coming with comics, marvel sells $20 a brand of figures at many stores such as Target or Walmart that come with a reprint comic involving the character the figure is based on. 

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