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Should we have listened to the nativists/nationalists (“America First”) of their time and never let the following people into the country...?







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    No.  Germany or Japan would have won if he had kept out the Jews.  The reason that Germany wasn't able to develop nuclear weapons in time to use in World War Two was many of their top scientists were Jews, who left them and came over to the U.S., and developed nuclear weapons which the U.S. used to defeat Japan.  If they had stayed in Germany and helped it to develop nuclear weapons in time, Germany would have used those weapons to defeat the U.S.  If they hadn't developed nuclear weapons for Germany before the end of the war, but they also hadn't come to the U.S., then the U.S. would not have been defeated by Germany, but also would not have had the weapons that it used to defeat Japan.

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    No way! Nativists and “nationalists” are and have always been dead wrong!

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