if there is a possibility i could end up alone, what can i do?

i'm a man in my forties with no support system or relationships, ive had a hard life, i have lived alone in a flat for 15 years.....the only support and contact i have are my elderly parents, they live far away....i also deal with a personality disorder and type 2 diabetes.

i'm quite quiet and reserved but i did always hope to find a relationship with a nice girl....but that has never happened to me..

i remember when i first joined yahoo answers in 2006, many women from the united states used to answer my questions and offer their email and instant messenger details...i got to know a few but sadly lost contact with them long ago throughout the years...

right now, i'm in a very dark place and despairing over what i'm going to do in the long run?

will i end up dying alone or end up alone once my parents leave this world? that is terrifying to me.

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