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Will the plan B work or am I pregnant?

I had unprotected sex 6-7 days before my period due date. My bf didn’t pull out and we bought a plan B the next day. Will it work or am I pregnant? My last period was July 12 but it doesn’t always come exactly on that day. I say my expected period for this month is between the 12 to 15th. It’s always a few days late. Could I be pregnant taking a plan B 6-10 days before my period? Should I start scheduling a different termination method? I’m 24 and I just started having sex.

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    Ovulation USUALLY happens ABOUT 14 days before the next period. The egg only lives 12 to 24 hours. Sex a week before a period is not likely to cause pregnancy unless ovulation was late.

    Plan B works by DELAYING ovulation. You probably didn't need plan B because ovulation should have already happened. You probably wouldn't get pregnant even if you did nothing at all. (unless ovulation was late.)

    The hormones of Plan B might mess up your cycle and your period MIGHT be late because of the hormones of Plan B. You might also have some side effects from taking plan B and the side effects are sometimes similar to pregnancy symptoms.

    When it has been 21 days after sex, a pregnancy test is accurate.

    You should NOT be tracking  your period based on the DATE on the calendar.  

    A woman's cycle is based on how many days happen between the first day of one period until the first day of the next period.  The AVERAGE woman has about 28 days between one period until the next period.  Since most months have 30 or 31 days, that means a period will rarely happen on the same DATE on the calendar.

    If you aren't ready for a baby, then explore options for birth control.  Pulling out is NOT birth control and plan B should only be used for an EMERGENCY - like when a condom breaks.

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    You are unlikely to conceive this month, but if you continue having sex without birth control, it's just a matter of time until you conceive.

    Pulling out is not birth control.

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    Not pregnant and plan b messes up your cycle for a month or so - be careful with plan be as it is a high dose of hormones and cannot be taken more than 3 times per year.

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    An iud works 0-7 days after unprotected sex

    Plan B works 0-5 days after unprotected sex

    If you took one pill the next day

    Theoretically speaking you should not be pregnant 

    The only way to truly find out is to go see your doctor and ask for a b-hCG blood test

    It detects pregnancy 

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    Nobody's period falls on the same date every month because not all months are the same length and ovulation isn't always regular anyway. 

    If your period is "always a few days late" then maybe you have a longer cycle than most. 

    If you took plan b within 24 hours of unprotected sex then it's unlikely that you are pregnant. Plan b delays ovulation. Delayed ovulation means a delayed period so late doesn't necessarily mean pregnant. Buy a pregnancy test or see a doctor. 

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    95% effective when treatment is taken within 24 hours of unprotected sex. If your period is more than a week late, or you haven't had a period within three weeks of taking Plan B®, it is possible that you're pregnant. Talk to your doctor and have a pregnancy test done.

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