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Can you paraphrase the last sentence?

‘They arrived [in Rome] in such a state of hostility over precedence ... that they came to blows’ and had to be separated...‘the Pope has given them lodging in the Borgo, near St. Peter’s’... Having fought on their arrival they even returned to their lodgings and ‘fell on each other on the staircase’.

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    Because they fought when they got to town they didn't even make it to their rooms.  Instead, they simply beat the s hit out of each other on the stairs.

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    "Fall on" is a phrasal verb with several meanings. In this case it means "attack."

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    "fell on each other" means they were fighting.  they were so annoyed that they even started a physical altercation when on the stairs at the lodgings.

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    They were still fighting each other on the stairs when they returned to their lodgings.

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