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Is this just a coincidence with these two LANGUAGES?

In English, the word "right" means the direction, and also "correct." In Vietnamese, the word for right (phai) also means the direction and "correct." These 2 languages are completely unrelated, so is this just a coincidence? Are these other languages where the word for right means the direction and "correct"?

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  • leabee
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    The word 'sinister' comes from the latin word for 'left hand' - the church believed left handedness was a sign of the devil, and often nuns and brothers would slap kids' hands with rulers if they wrote left handed (it happened to my father). So I'm sure "right" and "correct" were definitely connected in meaning. It is the same in French, by the way - droit is right as in direction, but it can also mean 'upstanding' or 'righteous'.

  • 2 months ago

    In many cultures, the majority of righthanders means that rightward space is usually associated with positive ideas (and leftward space with negative ideas).

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