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Is this man in love with me. What would possess a man to continually stalk you after you ended an affair ?

I had an emotional and physical affair with this man for 6 months. Yes it was wrong and stupid. I thought my husband was toxic but this guy is like a thousand times worse. It’s crazy because I said he was w breath of fresh air. But my husband went to therapy for his controlling behavior and anger outbursts and I haven’t been having problems with him anymore. I ended my affair. My husband doesn’t know about the affair and I don’t plan on ever telling him. We are in a good place now. I told him I wasn’t going to have sex with him anymore and that was the last text him I sent him before I blocked him on everything. He texted me from random number and said it’s not over until he says it is. I then blocked that number. THEN he texts from another number asking when I wanna meet for sex. Then he gets on my ex boyfriend’s profile( he’s friends with my ex boyfriend) an pretends to be my ex and call and text me from my ex Facebook. I ignore and block that profile. I’m not dumb. I know that it’s him and not my ex. I haven’t heard from my ex in like 8 years so why would he all of sudden contact me now. I don’t believe any of his empty threats about contacting my husband because if he was gonna do it he would’ve been did it . I just wanna know what kind of mental issues this dude has 

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    He's probably narcissistic and maybe even a psychopath. NO he doesn't love you. He sees you as a possession like his phone or his car. You had better be very careful because guys like this can be dangerous. And you should look into your own mental problems because you keep picking controlling toxic men. Find out why and work on fixing yourself before one of these types kills you. 

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    Be prepared for when you side man tells your husband, and your husband divorces you.

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    There are anti stalking laws. Now you don't want to use them because you don't want your husband to know.  That is the perfect set up for blackmail or worse.  You have to choose.   Do you talk to your husband and then deal with the stalker or do you capitulate and lose even more?

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