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Does this sound like Trump from 1992, in reference when he went before a house subcommittee on Native American affairs over casino rights?

Trump began by noting that he had prepared a “politically correct” statement for the committee, but almost immediately went off script. The hearing became loud and acrimonious.

BILL RICHARDSON: He said he didn’t think that Native Americans deserved the legislation, because there was a lot of corruption around Native American casinos. I remember asking him after the hearing, “Well, what’s the evidence?” He said, “The FBI has it.” I said, “You’re making the accusation; why don’t you bring the evidence?” He said, “No, you should ask the FBI.” I said, “You’re making the charge of corruption and you’re not backing it up—that is unacceptable.”

TADD JOHNSON: Trump was wearing pancake makeup, which I hadn’t seen before, at least not on somebody testifying in Congress. He was very evasive, and he made all these allegations about organized-crime activity but could produce no single incident, no tangible evidence, nobody we could talk to. A lot of what he was saying were just fabrications.

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    That's the way he's been for decades.

    It's part of the reason that the places that know him the best are the one where he did the worst in 2016.

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    Has anyone ever offered to bother asking the tribal

    leaders themselves. No they have not. We have

    these self appointed mouth pieces acting like they

    speak for the tribes. And yet they speak for No One.

    If you want an Indians opinion ask one. Not some 

    phony white man politician.

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