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My parents and sister get to see some family next weekend I am crushed I cannot see. How do I get over the disappointment?

My parents and sister are at the beach but with my sister and her daughter are going there won't be enough room for me. Plus due to family politics my parents don't want me coming when my sister is there because she is a brat and will get mad if any of her siblings are there. This relative happens to be at the beach with his family, a cousin, and I;d love to see them but it won;t be appropriate. Any socializing I have wanted to do this summer has fallen through due to Coronavirus Pandemic stuff and now this.  I envy my sister being able to see him and his family. She is mad at my brother and I and wants nothing to do with us because we called her out on something. She is bossy and name calls and we called her out on her bossing the autistic nephew, my brother's son, around. I had special ed growing up myself so that is why I got involved and backed my brother. Our mother covers our sister and says "she can't help it because of what Todd treated her like" with Todd being the ex-husband who has been out of the picture for 5 years. 


So how do I get over my disappointment here. About me I am 26 and female (no spouse or kids but that is fine with me). 

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    I would tell your parents that it would mean a lot to you and that in them giving your sister all the power they are showing they favor her and her negative behavior. 

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    Time to cut the family out of your life. Your mother is enabling your sister, by pulling a 5 yo problem. They both need mental help.

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