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Would it be awkard to do this with you mom?

When I was married to Joe, my mother considered him the son she never had. She really really liked him and he felt the same about her. Those feelings did not change after our divorce and that was OK with me. Anything that will bring mom happiness I am for. We had a friendly divorce and we did not have any children. Mom’s favorite thing in the whole world is going out to a restaurant for a meal and Joe takes her out to eat a least once a month, usually to a high end restaurant.

Her favorite restaurant is Ruth Chris. She says the steaks there are to die for. When Joe takes her to Ruth Chris, she can not help herself. She has to email me about how much she enjoyed going there and how great the meal was. I told her one day that I would like to enjoy a steak there but it was way out of my budget to eat at Ruth Chris.

Mom said, why don’t you join us the next time we go. I would really like to do that but I was afraid it would be awkward for Joe or he would not want me there. Mom said I will ask him and see what he says. Mom asked Joe and got back to me that Joe would be happy if I joined them for dinner.

Should I do it? It seems kind of awkward to go out to eat with your ex husband and your mother. Is it?

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    Are you single? Do you still love him? Do you think, maybe things can be worked out? Think you can remarry him?  All things to think about before you say yes to going with them. YOUR happiness not mom's is what counts here. Stop trying to please MOM, please yourself.  Yes, it is awkward, if you really do not want to go, so why go? Stop trying to please your mom.

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    i knew it was a troll after the first sentence 

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    Why not? If it's awkward, don't do it again. If you have a nice time, do it again. If you and Joe have a nice time, then friendship, but if it leads to getting back together both of you should see a couples counselor. Life is filled with twists and surprises.

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