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State Farm insurance want more money?

We have a business policy with them.well 3 days ago they said we had a past due balance over $600 and I only paid $241 I pay March,June,sep and dec.The Bill was only $241 for relief.they said I only paid one month which it couldn’t be because the period was between March and June.odd thing is I couldn’t even pay it online or see when it was due or the bill and it gives me an we end up paying over $800.we had this policy for 4 years and never had issues like this.i called corporate and they couldn’t see why it it says $0 and I pay those months.they said it’s a new system but we end u paying way more?

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    Are you in California?   The Department of Insurance has not allowed insurance companies to cancel policies since February 2020.    So, any bill that was not paid is now coming due.   State Farm did not cancel anyone for not paying.   So, those that did not pay their bills are now paying for the past due bills that they did not pay.  

     The question is did you miss any payments ?   State Farm in order to help their customers during this difficult time  accepted partial payments.  That is why you had a zero balance due on your bill.   But actually the payments were due just not billed for because State Farm gave extensions on making the payments since Feb. 2020.    It is not a new system.   You must have missed some payments that is why you now owe all the back payments you missed. 

    Your insurance agent should have been able to explain your bill to you.   Most likely your premium did not change.  Your agent may have changed your bill from quarterly to monthly to try to help you out.   It really doesn't matter because the amount of missed payments is the same either way you pay.  

    Insurance is not free.   State Farm extended the due date and payments for you.   But since you missed payments they are all due for the missed months you didn't pay. 

    Source(s): Insurance Agent. I work there.
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