What to get my sisters for Christmas?

My sisters are 14 and 4. I know it's only august but I only get 400 dollars a month so I always have to start my Christmas shopping months in advance. You'd think the little one would be easy to shop for but I struggle. She loves her dolls, music, making videos. She doesn't really enjoy activities where she has to stay still such as colouring. She also really loves sweets and snacks like chips. I always get her at least one doll and one barbie but I don't want to always get her the same things every year. My 14-year-old sister is much harder to shop for. She doesn't wear makeup, isn't really into jewelry, and she's somewhere between kid and teen. Last year she asked me for anything unicorn and D.I.Y projects, I delivered and she was very happy. I don't feel like she's changed all the much since last Christmas. I only asked her what she wanted because I had no clue. I had never had to shop for a teenager before. I don't see her that much so I'm not that sure what she's into. I know her style because I follow her on TikTok. She spends most of her time on TikTok so it's hard to know her other interests. She's really what I need help for this year. I don't like having to ask her. Also, I like giving actual presents because to me giving money says, "I didn't care enough to figure out what you want but I had to give you something so here's some money." I give my brother money every year but that is only because he told me he prefers getting money for Christmas.

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  • 2 months ago

    4 year old:

    Play-Doh Super Cloud Single Can of Blue Fluffy Slime Compound

    Melissa & Doug Water Coloring & Painting Book, (Water Wow Animal - On the Go Travel Activity)

    Crayola Sprinkle Art Shaker, Rainbow Arts and Crafts, at Home Crafts for Kids, Gift

    14 year old:

    Himalayan Salt Lamp

    Snow Globe - StealStreet 3.75 Inch Marine Life Snow Globe with Sea Turtle Statue Figurine Collectible, 3.75", Green

  • drip
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    2 months ago

    What kind of DIY projects does she like? 

    You could get her supplies to start her knitting. A great book is Klutz. My daughter taught herself to knit with this book at this age.


    For the four year old. What about a doll /Barbie accessory. A doll stroller, bed, blanket, chair,

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