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Is the Gow School a good school that can be trusted despite the sex abuse charges from the 1990s?

Someone told me about it for my child but when I searched it on Google stuff came up about sex abuse from the 1990s involving a Tom Simmeth and Michael Holland. Neither are current employees.


It’s a school for learning disabilities

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    Holy cow, The Gow School, I went there. It is a fine school. I just read that article and someone I knew there had mentioned the charges but did not know the details. I knew Mr. Tom Simmeth the year I was there but not Mr. Michael Holland, he would have left by then. I never saw any sign of abuse and thought Mr. Tom Simmeth and his wife Doris were wonderful. 


    I had emotional issues and socially it was not a good fit for me and I left at the end of the year. My only complaint was thinking back on it more then 20 years later the faculty could have intervened more in peer abuse (bullying). Much of it was teasing but if someone like me takes it personal then the staff needs to discipline. So for me it was not the best fit. The school however was very good. I have no complaints years later at all. There some wonderful people there and it is devastating if any of that is true about Mr. Simmeth. Not sure who is still there as I do not keep up other then with an old roommate on Facebook but I should look up a few names on there. 


    Anyway, it is a school I would say you can trust. If there was any abuse then I am sure the abusers have been weeded out. It is a very good school for many and has many great people. After seeing this question I may go look up and facebook friend some of the people I knew there. 

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