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Why am I still getting cramps when I run?

I've been running for two years, usually about two miles four times a week, I still get horrible side stitches every time I run, I've been taking supplements, electrolytes, I'm well hydrated, doesn't matter the temperature, indoor or outdoor, I've tried everything. It only happens with running I can do gymnastics and tennis with no issues, is this a health concern. For context these aren't normal side stitches, they feel like I was stabbed with a sledge hammer and then a python is squeezing around the area while its on fire in a pit of acid.

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    That's a good question for your physician, as it varies from person to person, but side stitches shouldn't be as agonizing as you claim. I used to get them if I hydrated during a run, but once I started training in the heat and for longer runs, that stopped being a problem (and hydration was crucial). 


    The article below talks about side stitches. The exact cause isn't known. There are some tips on what to do if you get a side stitch and things to do to help prevent them. See if you've covered all those suggestions and if not, give them a try if applicable.

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    My guess is they are caused by hard running.

    Humans have our differences. It could be your "not normal side stitches" are actually normal for you for the distance and intensity of your run.

    If you are concerned about it, you should consult your physician. If you are not concerned about it enough to consult your physician, here are a couple of thoughts:

    Try slowing down, and see if the side stitches are less intense.

    Here is a breathing technique that might help: Most runner inhale and exhale in sync with footstrike, but not necessarily in a 1:1 ratio. When you run, note where you feet are in your running cycle when you exhale. Periodically change your breath timing "180 degrees" with your gate timing.

    For example, suppose you exhale when your right foot is landing. After a 1/2 mile, or whatever distance works for you, change it so you exhale when your left foot is landing. After another 1/2 mile or so, change it so you exhale when your right foot is landing.

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    I’m no athlete but I always have to rest for at least half an hour after eating or I will get side stitches from walking. I also think you shouldn’t drink too much before the run but save it for after. Too much water in my stomach upsets it as well.

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    Get it checked out. 

    I used to get that way from being too hydrated. Too much water/fluids maybe.

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