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Why is are Americans divided in their opinion of President Trump?

Is it because of the constant poisoning of the masses of the people by the mainstream media? Or is it because of the constant churning out of negative news stories about him, like Dr Joseph Geobbles' propaganda machine which turned the Germans to hate the Jews?

Or is it a deeply Satanic hatred for President Trump because he has the courage to stand up and declare abortion as murder to all those in the UN? And the courage to speak the truth or other issues, such as Iranian terrorism, while the main stream media are trying to water things down and deceive the people

Why is America so divided?

A nation divided against itself is heading for collapse on many different levels: politically, socially, economically, militarily.

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    There are people who hate Trump for beating Hillary Clinton.  These people divide America with their hatred

    They are at the core of it all in government, in media, on Wall St, in Silicon valley, in entertainment, in lobby groups, in academia, etc.

    They all divide America.

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    It is standard practice not to allow "unsuitable" people to make progress through the political ranks. They do something similar in Hollywood and the music industry as well.

    You are unsuitable if you are not crooked like the rest of them. The highest echelons require you to be a pedophile.

    President Trump ran for politics and the very first time he tried he got the top job as President of the United States - arguably the top political job in the world.

    That upset all the current politicians who thought they were better qualified. It also really worried the crooked ones. That is why we got headlines like: <Hillary Clinton: ‘If that f-ing bastard Trump wins, we all hang from nooses’>

    Now they are fighting for their lives, possibly literally. They will do anything to win the 2020 election. Many of the would-be socialists are just minions who are being used to create diversions and to try and make President Trump look bad in any way they can. They are just sheeple and will find they are disposable when they are no longer useful.

    Many forces are aligned. Hollywood, the music industry, the MSM, most politicians State and Federal, all oppose President Trump. Consequently that is all we hear. However, the silent majority has never been more aptly named. They know Trump supports them. They know the truth.

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    The fact that I cannot get a sensible answer to this question only proves that I'm  right in asking the question. The level of hatred in the negative and offfensive replies I receive also proves the success of the mainstream media is poisoning the people against Trump.

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    50% of Americans think that Trump is an incompetent narcissistic idiot.  50% of Americans are incompetent narcissistic idiots.

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    It's because he's an incompetent fool who's killed 160K of us with the Trump Virus.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Leftwing scum made up their mind that they hated Trump, and would not work with him long before he was inaugurated

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