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What does it say about a woman who walks around sobbing every time she gets sick?

I have a roommate who is 45. A out once every couple of months she gets sick... meaning she throws up and doesn't feel good. She literally walks around the house sobbing when ever she gets sick.. It's the damnest thing. I don't understand it. Is she looking for sympathy? I just have no patience for it. In my view she's either looking for sympathy or just acting like a child. Either way, it's not good. I am looking for a psychological explanation for this type of behavior. She is often depressed, for the record. But still, this doesnt explain the sobbing when sick. I e tried rationalizing with her to tell her it makes no sense that she's crying (sobbing is the better word) but it has no effect on her. Ive never seen anything like it. She's been my roommate for about a year. 

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    Man, that's really fuckingannoying. People like this are always looking for someone to take care of them. They can't handle life on their own and when something happens such as a simple cold or flue it is the end of the world for them if they do not have a significant other to take care of them. I'd just tell her point blank boo freakin hoo, grow the hell up. I don't know how you've put up with it for so long.

    Also, if she's throwing up this much chances are she is making herself sick for sympathy, just so you know for the future! So you're saying she throws up at least 6 times a year? Most likely her own doing. No human being on the planet gets sick that much. 

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    If she's still doing this at 45 and telling her in so many words that this isn't going to get a sympathetic response from you I'd just treat it like some sort of abnormal involuntary physiological reaction that she'd rather not have.  I'd just treat her like the sobbing wasn't happening, not change my tone of voice or anything.  If she can control it she'll either stop or move to look for a more sympathetic roommate and if she can't control it she might just be grateful to be ignored.  You have my sympathy.

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