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Drug Test for THC?

Hello I have a drug test next week, strictly for thc. I smoked a little over a week ago, so I’ll be clean for two weeks going into it. Before I smoked once a day, maybe one to two hits off a bong. Did that for 3 weeks straight. Now I know THC sticks to fat but I have a very low body fat percentage. I’m 6’1” and 165 pounds. I’ve been drinking a lot of water every day. I had another drug test in March, before that I was clean for a month prior to the test, smoked every day multiple times a day for over a year and I passed. Any info or experience from other people? No I’m not addicted to weed, I have severe anxiety and it helps calm my mind. I’m not a fan of prescription anxiety medicine. I ordered some at home texting strips, but my minds racing and I’m just trying to get it to slow down. Any info helps unless your info is along the lines of “just stop smoking” cause it’s already been done. Thanks! 

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  • Jim
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    Cannabinoids (metabolite) Detection Time:

    Light smoker or acute dosage 1-3 Days

    Moderate Use (4 times/week) 3-5 Days

    Heavy Smoker (daily) 10-21+ Days

    Heavy, Chronic Use (5+ joints/day) 10-30+ Days

    Oral Ingestion 1-5 Days

    Chronic use over a period of months or years; 4-6 weeks

    High Def Detection (rarely used): 90 days

    Notice it doesn't matter about your fitness, physiology, drinks, potions, or other things you might try. It's simply a matter of time to break down the metabolites.

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