Why trans believe they have right to invade by  use other Gender bathroom and locker room ?

Of I see you try that I kick you out or call 911

 I can tell your real GENDER is by your neck. Or hands and not all trans can pass

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    2 months ago
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    @Raven Slight what are you talking about 

    And I beat down any freaks who try

    To invade

  • 2 months ago

    Donald Trump can waddle into the changing area for a beauty contest and harass the underage girls in the process of changing into their costumes/outfits for the contest. He admits to doing this because he can and because no one can stop him, and you voted him into the presidency.

    Don't say you really care about people going into the wrong locker-room or bathroom when someone admits to doing so repeatedly, declares that he sees nothing wrong with doing so or harassing and abusing those within what's supposed to be a 'safe space' for that gender, and is praised as the next coming of Christ.


    Also, note that using arbitrary conditions as "neck" or "hands" or "not passing" means you're judging biological women as not being womanly enough to be women. We all know the sketch/scene in a comedy where an asshole protagonist mistakes a woman for being a man because she's too 'ugly' to 'actually be' a woman...and after attacking and sexually harassing/abusing her the punchline is that she is in fact a woman (an ugly woman, but still a woman). You're declaring yourself as being that asshole, and you think that's a good thing? Really?

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