Why are people stupid to not detect the devil and the psychopath/sociopath and miss it completely?

It boggles my mind

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    Sociopaths and psychopaths are so good at hiding in plain sight, people will have a hard time identifying them unless they know the signs. There's also a problem with what people expect these people to be. If you mention psychopaths, many people will imagine a murderer or rapist. The reality is a lot less dramatic. Someone doesn't have to have committed a violent crime to be diagnosed as a psychopath. They still cause harm to others, but it's more likely to be the emotional and psychological harm that doesn't leave physical scars. That's why they can hop from partner to partner without leaving much of a trace of their destruction.

    They Are Not All Jack The Ripper.

    Relatively few psychopaths have a taste for blood. People tend to believe most psychopaths are in prison, because they are cold-blooded murderers, rapists, or paedophiles, but this l isn't true for most of them. People tend to ask themselves if someone is a full-blown psychopath, such as Jack the Ripper, which means they ignore the other signs that on the spectrum.

    They can actually show empathy. 

    Dark triad people are more or less devoid of empathy. But Neo said there are two types of empathy cognitive and affective. Affective empathy is when you truly feel something for someone else, whereas cognitive empathy is the ability to recognise the feelings in others.

    Psychopaths often watch a lot of TV and films, so they are able to develop cognitive empathy and mimic the behaviours that are appropriate in those situations. For example, they may know to give you a hug, but there is no feeling behind it they're just copying what they've learned. They can seem empathetic even if they lack empathy. But it's their everyday behavior, what kind of contempt leaks out, that matters. If they seem empathetic towards a person, then the next thing you hear might be a strange remark, or a weird sick joke, then you know this person doesn't really have empathy.

    They Can Be Excessively Charming. 

    Dark triad people can turn on the charm in a matter of seconds. You may be having an argument, and they can switch it on and act like a completely different person. When people meet someone and they are too charming, it could be because they are trying to hook them in with love bombing. It's an effective and highly manipulative method of making them feel like they’ve found their soulmate, and it often starts with the person being highly affectionate, charming, and generous.

    They Do Their Homework On You.

    Dark triad people are very good at making them feel like meeting them was fate, this probably isn't true. While they are love bombing them, and telling them how they’re"the one," they may have orchestrated the whole relationship.

    They Tell You How Much You Mean To Them.

    Dark triad people have had a lot of practise hooking people in then discarding them when they are no longer of any use to them, so they know exactly what to say to keep them interested. No matter how many times they abuse and let them down, their partner always wants to see the good in them. This is down to confirmation bias, and discounting any evidence that doesn't align with our beliefs. In the case of dark triad partners, this belief is that they are actually good people underneath. They also like to use words like 'I really care about you,' or 'I really support you,' or 'I love you.” "If someone says these words, people want to believe he or she supports them.

    They Go After Highly Empathetic People. 

    Sob stories will work on their victims, because they tend to attract highly empathetic people. They thrive on this level of care, and use it to destroy empathetic people. Somebody high in empathy is highly in tune with other people's emotions, and will constantly try and help out someone who they think is hurting. 

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    Stupid? How modest of you to admit it. You voted for Trump, didn't you? SHAME!

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    It proves everyone is different.

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