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What do i do about my new boyfriend taking long to reply?

Iv got a new boyfriend were like a week together things have been well but sometimes his replys are slow not all the time, but for instance he disappeared for 3 hours he came back without an explanation and carried on texting. Other times he replies fast, iv realised tho if i take 20-40 minutes to reply he replies back in seconds. 

Problem is i dont like doing all that i wish we could just text normally and reply normally, i dont think hes playing games but his texts need to be faster. 

Am i just being a bit over the top? I think the younger generation will understand (im 17 please help)

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  • Tj
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    2 months ago

    You are way over the top. He does not live for you, he lives for himself. He can do as he wants. You do not own him...Keep it up, you will be single soon.

  • 2 months ago

    Your normal isn't everyone else's normal when it comes to doing anything, including texting. And some people don't have their phone attached to their hip and have other things they do in life.  Some people have responsibilities, jobs, and things they have to do.  We don't all sit around with our faces in our phones waiting for the next text to come in. 

    And why do you need someone to give you an explanation about why they didn't respond to your text for hours?  No one owes us an explanation and we owe no one else one, either.  

    Yes you're being over the top.  

  • .
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    2 months ago

    People have lives and don't necessarily feel the need to immediately reply to every text, especially when the reply is not to a topic that is time-sensitive. If someone needs immediate responses they should communicate face-to-face or via phone (voice). The beauty of texting is that conversations can span minutes, hours, days, weeks, or more. Each party can go about their life and respond when they feel the desire and have the time. 


    Also, some people don't keep their phone on them every moment of the day, so may not see a text immediately. Your boyfriend doesn't "disappear" at all, he simply doesn't reply to your text for whatever reason. Maybe he chooses not to. Maybe he was away from his phone and didn't see your text until hours later. Maybe he was in a place where phones need to be turned off or aren't allowed (work, school, or similar) so was unable to respond until later. Relax.

  • J
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    2 months ago

    I know you’re young so this is hard to believe, but some people aren’t glued to their phones all the time. He may be busy doing something else or just need some time to decide what he wants to say. Nobody wants to date someone so controlling that they decide how long is appropriate to respond to a text. I suggest you let this go. If you have something really important to say that can’t wait, call him. 

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