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My parents expect me to go to an ivy league school but I don't want to. Can someone reply why community college can be better?

I also have bad grades and know I will most likely not be able to go to an ivy league school. What should I say to my strict parents? It's usually really hard to convince them of anything...

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    Ask your parents why it is so important to them for you to go to an Ivy League school. If they are immigrants, they may view an Ivy League degree as a sign of *their success in America and hope for the family's future prosperity. Or perhaps they know that the Ivies offer generous financial assistance to their students who need it (but so do many other private American colleges and universities). But what do you want to do with your life? Have you figured that out? Do you want a career that you can earn in two years at a community college? Do you want to attend a four-year university? If so, what are *you interested in studying? 

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    Your problem is already solved: you won't be admitted to an Ivy.

    Explain to your parents that because of your poor grades, you need to spend a couple of years at a CC improving academically, so that you can then transfer to a decent university.  That's the only way you are going to get INTO a decent university.

    However, I wonder whether college is really for you.  A CC might tell you whether it is or not, so I encourage you to attend one, but you might want to start thinking about something you would like to do with your life that wouldn't require a 4-year degree.

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    If despite  your bad grades, they want you do apply to Ivy League schools and will pay the application fee, then apply.  You won’t get in, so attending won’t be a problem.     

    How low is your gpa? Try for your state’s public universities. Community colleges are good forStudent not emotionally ready to leave and live on their own.Student who are unsure what they want to major inStudent who have a low GPA and want to see if they can handle college level work.Student who don’t get enough financial aid to attend a university. Student who don’t want a bachelor degree and take a two year career program or trade course.

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    I you don't have top grades, you're not going to get into an Ivy anyway. 

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    Why borrow trouble? 

    If your grades aren't stellar (like #1 in your high school class, or at the very least top 5%), you're not going to get into an Ivy anyway. There's no need to be baited into an argument with your parents about going to one. 

    Say, "I'm trying my best, but my high school college guidance counsel says I shouldn't have such high expectations. Even the #1 student in a high school class often doesn't get accepted into any Ivies, even when they have perfect SAT scores."

    Apply to as many Ivies as your parents are willing to pay for, when the time comes. If they're not willing to pay, apply to your favorite, early admissions, as a "dream school" (if you can't pick a school, pick a location, i.e. Harvard-Boston, Penn-Philadelphia, Columbia-New York City, Brown and Yale-crappy small cities, Princeton and Cornell - cute small towns). 

    When, as expected, you don't get in, feign disappointment. 

    Your real problem is going to be convincing them to let you attend community college rather than a state college or university, which you probably can get into. You can argue about saving money by living at home, etc., but if they're willing to pay for it, then you might be stuck with it, unless your grades are so bad you can't get into a state college either. Your high school's college can give you some advantages of community college ( or google some, such as ) but your parents might just want you out of the house and be willing to pay for it. 

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    Your premise that CC can be better than an elite university is incorrect.  Realistically, however, only a relative handful of students are admitted to elite schools each year.  Many outstanding students are rejected, simply due to lack of seats. 

    There are many good 4 year colleges and universities for average to above-average students.  As for your parents, you may want to seek advice in a section of YA dealing with family relationships.  Parents insisting that a child follow a certain path in life is often a sign of family issues, rather than being directly related to whatever the parents are insisting upon.  

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    Well, you could always apply and just not get in and that takes care of the problem.  However, applying to multiple schools where you know you have no chance is certainly a waste of time and money.  

    You can also bring them some evidence.  Bring them the admissions information with the ranges and averages of GPA of accepted students.  

    Community college and Ivy League are vastly different though.  Unless your grades are REALLY bad or you need to save some money, you don't necessarily have to go to community college. A regular 4-year public university would probably work for you.

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    Apply and you will be turned down due to your poor grades.

    Problem solved.

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