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 how they "Kurds" came to the Middle East? why there is so much hype around them? why always hear about their being involved in something?

either genocide or some say they are like theifs, drug dealers, etc,  Turkey  wants them out , Iraq wants them out, " genocide of Kurds", etc etc

in fact there is a "Kurdish community" in my city in the usa and recently there was a story of a "mafia hit" on a guy that worked in a Kurdish grocery store, they just walked in and shot him multiple times and left.



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    I've asked that in the past myself.  I think they are to those Middle East countries what gypsies are to us in Europe.... disliked for various reasons.   Ask the native Romanians what they think about their gypsies. And... he majority of Kurds adopted Islam centuries ago

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    The Kurds are Christian in a Muslim Land.

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