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how do i deal with an online-casino that hasnt paid my winning? ?

The casino support agents just jerk me around (same excuses, they always say i will get it next week) and it has been 2 months since i requested for a withdrawal. I dont know who to turn to who can handle this type of problem. Any advice would be appreciated.


i did exactly that and it took 2 1/2 months but they paid me and they asked me to update my complaints on forums. Thank you for your advice Divide By Zero

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    The best you can try is go public in hopes that they care about their reputation enough to pay you. Take your story to reddit, gambling forums etc. Mention the site by name.

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    Just be patient.  They're probably in another country, there's nothing you can do.  I felt the same way when I lost a ton of money in an offshore sportsbook's casino (electronic, not live) and I felt like I was cheated.

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    That's why online casinos are considered heavily shady as their servers are typically hosted in countries with relaxed gambling laws & enforcement of gambling policies & regulations.  As a result, they're more than willing to take your money & demand you pay your debts to them (if they offer you a line of credit)... but will easily become a massive pain-in-the-butt when it comes to withdrawing your winnings.

    With physical casinos, they have to get a gaming license from the government (either state or federal level) & abide by the regulations set by the gaming commission, which will likely include how much money they may have on hand at all times (As the modern version of Ocean's 11 mentioned that Nevada Gaming regulations require casinos to retain funds on hand to cover EVERY SINGLE BET made in their casino at any given time...  granted they used it part of their story, it likely contains a grain of truth in the real world), how fast they must payout & what other legal liabilities they must handle on large payouts (as Casinos must provide tax papers to you & report your winnings to the government... in the US, that would be the IRS & the state's treasury department for any winnings in excess of $600).

    It is possible that the online casino's management has mismanaged their funds (because of lack of regulations) & they don't have to funds to cover your winnings...  which is why they could be stalling on your payout, OR they have no intention of paying your winnings at all because the site isn't legitimate.  You will likely need to dig into the online casino's information (like what country they're based in for starters) & see what legal rights you may have.

    The best course of actions is to stop gambling online with real money with the intention of making any profit from them.  You could publicly complain about the site online in hopes that the site makes good on your withdrawal request to retain their reputation...  HOWEVER, you're more likely better off shouting into the void of outer space than expect a desirable resolution.

    This is why I stick with play money with online casinos that are "for entertainment purposes only" & leave the real-money gambling to local, licensed establishments.

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