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I'm out of love with my husband and I dont know what to do. Hes extremely boring now ?

When we were dating before, he was more adventurous and more caring of me. The first 2 months of marriage was going smoothly until he started getting lazy. He got laid off work so I'm the only one working for now. He has some money saved in the bank. Hes been without work for a year now. We were married for 2 years. 

All he does is sleep and play video games. On my break days, I spend it indoors and I get so bored. He literally sleeps several times a day. Wherever he lays his head, he sleeps. No he doesn't have any health issues and he doesn't have narcolepsy either. Hes just very lazy and doesn't want to do anything. Its summer now and I love going on walks or going on long drives. We went on a drive yesterday and he complained the whole way about how we are driving nowhere and he would rather just go home. He kept complaining and getting frustrated so he drove back home and got on his video games and than slept after he was done. I spend all my days alone and he only calls me over when he wants something or wants sex. I've tried talking and he always puts the blame on me. I have to be responsible for everything. I'm tired of him doing nothing but sleeping, eating and playing videos games. Sometimes I want to pack my things and just leave. He can hardly walk anywhere and hes gained so much weight. We dont go on night drives anymore and that use to be our thing. No more dates, no more walks, no more drives. It's all about sleeping and playing video games. 


We don't even communicate that much. It gets so awkward when we are together. There's nothing to talk about so we sit in silence and awkwardness. This man is a whole new person. I don't remember marrying this lazy man. I love him but I want to let go. We are both still young and I can't waste my life with him. He's just done with life and wants to waste it away sleeping, gaming and gaining weight. I'm sick of it.

Update 2:


You sound mad. I'm sorry if a woman broke your heart but that doesn't describe me. I did not even complain at all about him not having a job, I stated that he doesnt because that's the truth. I cant sit and waste my time on someone who's not gonna listen. It's not even about income, I never mentioned income or complained about it. The main point is, hes lazy and doesn't care for me. How about you go live with a woman who's the same. I bet you wont handle it for a day so stfu.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    This never changes. It only gets worse. Don’t stay. Get out early. 

  • Raja
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    2 months ago

    Two years of married life and you are out of love with your husband because he is extremely boring.Your feeling and judgement is quite rational .It makes no sense in living with a man whose main idea is to eat play video games and sleep . This is not a healthy way of living.Before things go from bad to worst consult a family Lawyer with a view to seek legal separation.

  • 2 months ago

    You need strategy for your life be happy and healthy.

    1. Go to gym to make yourself healthy and sexy. 

    Then you will release your stress .

    Also you can built your body sexy.

    2. Wear expensive clothes to show your beauty to other people. 

    Then guys will look you at street.

    Then you will get pride of your life. 

    3. Go more shopping and meet friends more often.  

    4. Then he will worry about you will find another good guy.

    5. Ask more sex.

    6. Then he will try to keep your love. 

  • Tj
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    2 months ago

    Time to see a good divorce lawyer and end your unhappiness and him to get off his butt.

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  • kristy
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    2 months ago

    Find another man and dump the lazy bum. He’s dragging you down, get rid of him.

  • 2 months ago

    I understand your complain.

    It sounds like he might be depressed. Might. Or maybe he's just a lazy person. I will say that my wife calls me lazy a lot when in my opinion she's the lazy one. You see, I like to do things and I do.. I work on diy projects, always building something or going somewhere... those long late night drives etc but she doesn't join me.... so long as I don't do the things she's interested in I'm called a lazy person. It's actually pretty funny to me. She is the one who takes interest in nothing, has no hobbies, and can't complete anything or take on a challenge. I'm telling you all this so you can analyze yourself objectively. Maybe you aren't anything like my wife and your husband really is a bad person to be tied to. i wouldn't know.

    As for video games those are bad.. I've seen many otherwise productive and smart people waste a good chunk of their lives pressing pointless buttons on a remote and I don't get it. It really is like a bad addiction. Your husband seems to need strict discipline that a 9-5 provides. He's one of those people, I think. I would push him to get back to work if you want to salvage this marriage, otherwise time to move on with your life... perhaps your time with each other is just up and it's not a bad thing. it can be healthy for both of your lives.

  • 2 months ago

    The heavy sleeping is probably a bad cycle of too much video games and not many jobs. That creates a form of depression, and the games takes his mind off his problems.

    Most modern women will leave a man if he loses his job. You don't know this, but a man that is not making money is not sexy to you. In fact chances for divorce goes way up during this time. You are Briffaux's Law in action. Meaning you are an example of that scenario. Which is hypergamy. Women marry up, not down, even while married. There is about a 90% certainty.

    That's why you bored now. You are treating your husband like a car you're ready to trade in, assuming that any guy is better at this point. Even if they have a small income, it's better than your husband.

    Chances are good you are not giving up too much sex, and you are probably going full nag. Women do that when they weaponize their sex, and want to either control or run off their husband. Funny how that works...

    Source(s): MGTOW
  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Tell him. Duh. 

    He's your husband. That's what he's there for. 

    If you can't be honest with him, the relationship will never go anywhere.

    Tell him exactly what you said here. 

    Give him a chance to plead his case and make an effort by a deadline. If it doesn't work, then leave. 

    But at least you'd know you tried.

  • 2 months ago

    Thats so bad if u are married ...

    but be happy u have the room and can go and live ur regular life...

    Try to talk it out if possible.

    see i would be more worried about the room than the guy :s. if that makes sense...

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