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can my mom get into legal trouble if i refuse to go to my dads house? (nj)?

my parents have had 50/50 custody for about 6 years following their divorce. i've wanted to stop going to my dads house for 5 years, or 1/3 of my life. my father has severe anger issues and often ends up breaking stuff or acting irrational after he gets set off (last week he slammed the family xbox because my baby sister asked him for help) . i feel like a second parent to my younger siblings [(13, 11, 5,4,2) the younger three are half siblings] when i'm there. i always have to make sure they're behaving so my father doesn't get upset, which is very stressful. i understand that helping out with younger siblings is expected, but i'm still a kid myself and feel overwhelmed with this responsibility. I've expressed to my mother on many occasions throughout the years that i don't want to continue visiting, and she always says she could get in legal trouble if i don't go. i've been looking more into it recently and it's my understanding that if the child is over the age of 14 the court usually decides with the child on custody, could my mom get into legal trouble if i refuse to go? also are there any laws/sections of laws that you can put below that support my not wanting to continue visitation from a legal standpoint? thank you! 

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    You would have to go back to court and get a new custody order. It differs by state, and I'm not a lawyer, but now that you're older, you'll get more of a say on it. Your mom is legally bound by that order though, although the police might maybe let it slide if you explain the situation... but that's a risk.

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    no, can my mom get into legal trouble

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