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How to attach pet trailer to Specialized Como E-bike? ?

I just bought a pet safe pet trailer and wanted to attach it to the rear axle of my specialized como e-bike but I cant get the bolt out. It seems to be embedded in the frame and I tried to use a hexagon key to remove it but I could not turn it. Does anyone know if I need an adapter or something? 

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    It'd really helped if you had included a picture.  It appears the way the axle is designed and from your description, flush head allen screws screw into the axle. 

    It seems like you're wanting to replace the allen screws with threaded rod and nuts so that some of the threaded rod sticks out.  Then you can attach the trailer.

    Chances are these allen screws are metric. Therefore you must use a quality metric allen wrench.  Trying to use a standard allen wrench may damage the screw.  

    Take the bike to a reputable bicycle shop and tell then what you want if you already have a trailer.  Otherwise do as Old Hippie advised and get a trailer that attaches a different way to the bike. 

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    From what I could see on the Specialized website, all their e-bikes use a "thru-axle" vs. a quick release skewer.  Here's the 2020 Turbo Como 4.0.  They (and many others) have jumped from quick release skewers to thru-axles to prevent the hub (axle) from shifting under heavy braking.  Only makes sense.  With rim brakes, pressure is applied to both sides of the rim.  Disc brakes have a tendency to pull or put pressure on the disc side more than the opposite side.  Thus, the 'thru-axle' that doesn't budge.

    DO NOT - repeat - NOT try to remove the thru-axle on your own.  Let a certified bike mechanic do it.  Contact a Specialized dealer - or any reputable bike shop & see if they have any ideas.  My only thought now need the old school clamp on the chain stay (frame) method.  I don't see any other way possible to attach a trailer to a bike with a thru-axle.  I could be wrong.  Check with a BIKE SHOP! 

    My 2011 Raleigh Sojourn touring bike has the old school quick release skewers.  Therefore, I can use a trailer hitch as depicted below.  You can NOT!   


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