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Clingy cat?

I love the cat but he is extremely needy.  He's always wanting to sit in my lap and gets jealous if I am doing anything else with my hands besides petting on him.  If I am doing something else, he will come over and try and sit on top of whatever I'm doing to disrupt it. If I talk on the phone, he doesn't like it and will yowl while I'm trying to talk. He follows me around the house and is always in the same room I'm in. Even if he's asleep and I leave the room, a minute later he will wake up and re-locate himself to whatever room I'm in. He sleeps on the bed, follows me into the bathroom, etc., hates it when I leave the house. I've had other cats that were more independent. He's part Siamese.  Is this a Siamese thing?

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    Congratulations Your cat treats you like you are its mother. Enjoy. Siamese cats are like that. They are known to be especially attached to 1 particular person. 

  • jean
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    2 months ago

    my sisters kitten is like this. 

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