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My cousin has called me and I suspect she’s going to want money or a ride, should I give it to her despite her scandals?

She has brought scandal upon her family. My aunt reports that she has lied to her parents many times going back to childhood. She also left her developmentally disabled sister to park so she could go see your boyfriend. The parents specifically asked her not to let her sister get out of her sight. She has talking back to her parents even in adulthood.  She got herself pregnant by some guy we suspect was a drug dealer (she miscarried).  


This cousin is like the antichrist but my mother is nice to her because she despises how judge mental my aunt is of her daughter. If she’s asking for a ride I suspect my mother will want me to give her one. Should I give her one order please my aunt should I claim that I’m busy? My aunt hates this daughter but with the daughter fibbing and talking back to her parents I don’t blame her for hating her daughter.  


Excuse any grammar errors I’m speaking into my phone as I wait to call my cousin back so it might not be translating right. 

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    I'm feeling some compassion for your poor cousin. Sounds like she's made some mistakes in life, as have we all. It's very normal for children to fib... depending the consequences (abuse) that they may face for misdeeds, it could even be a coping mechanism. Sounds like she was also expected to carry a lot of responsibility for her sister as well, that's rough on siblings. It's sad that she miscarried, did anyone show her any compassion or support during that? Sounds like she's grown up in a reality where family isn't really dependable or comforting based upon their own assumptions about what you may be doing... or not even you, but someone else you know--- suspicions of the baby's father being a drug dealer. I think the family needs to step back and ask themselves if their behavior is what they would expect of family. 

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    I would just ignore the call. I have a couple like that in our family tree and I found they only use everyone else to get what they want and never work to better their lives. It's best to let them suffer and learn a lesson than keep bailing them out when they once again get into a jam.

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