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Favorite bands from A-Z? Fav subgenre of metal?

I like alot of damn bands. So here goes my list.                                                                 All Shall Perish,  All That Remains, Arch Enemy, August Burns Red, Bring Me The Horizon,  Chelsea Grin, Carcass, Carnifex, Death, Disturbed, (I thought of Emmure, I don't know them but I'll give them a listen) Lamb Of God, Megadeth, Metallica, Morbid Angel, Obituary, Purgatory, Rammstein, Slayer, Slipknot, Suicide Silence, Testament, Trivium, Thy Art is Murder, and so on.


I like alot of Thrash and Death Metal, and then mixed with Metalcore and Deathcore.

Update 2:

i've left some out, Killswitch Engage. Okay, now it's your turn.

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  • 1 month ago

    Absense, The



    Darkest Hour





    In Flames(but only the old albums)

    Judas Priest

    Killswitch Engage

    Lamb of God





    Q ???


    Sylosis, Strapping Young Lad, and Sepultura. I can't decide.





    X ???

    Y ???

    Zimmer's Hole

  • 2 months ago

    Agalloch, Blut aus Nord, Carcass, Drudkh, Entombed, Forgotten Tomb, Gris, Heretoir, Immortal, Judas Priest, Katatonia, Lunar Aurora, Metallica, Nyktalgia, Obituary, Paysage d'Hiver, Rotting Christ, Samael, Tool, Ulver, Vastum, Wolves in the Throne Room, Xasthur, Zuriaake

    obviously put like this, one per letter, is a bit nonsense, but funny. Some letters had a small crowd, other half-empty. Names came up that I wouldn't even put in my top 100 (I don't say who, you'll rack your brain forever on this :). Preferred subgenre black metal (atmospheric in particular). And death metal a lot too.

  • polly
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    2 months ago

    Asagraum,Amon Amarth,Bolt-thrower,Celtic frost,Dismember,Entombed,Fear Factory,Gorefest,Hollenthon,Impaled Nazarene,Old mans child, pungent stench,Sinister,Xysma

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    2 months ago

    What genre would you put Nightwish or Theatre Of Tragedy in? They both have songs I like.

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    "i've left some out, Killswitch Engage. Okay, now it's your turn."

    Sure. You see a lot of Black Metal in mine. 

    Tiamat, Dismember, Godflesh, Bathory, Tormentor, Bulldozer, Sarcofago, Solefald, The Abyss, Mournful Congregation, Evoken, Sun Ra, Killing Joke, Mother Love Bone, Anal Cvnt, In The Woods..., Kyuss, Deicide, Funeral, Sentenced, Beneath, Corpsessed, Zyklon, Satyricon, Mayhem, Darkthrone, Neuraxis, Sacramentum, My Dying Bride, Mercyful Fate, King Diamond from "Fatal Portrait" to "The Spiders Lullabye", Katatonia. Im bored. 

    This guy is my favourite metal artist right now. Damn good guitarist. Phenomenal sweep picking.

    Youtube thumbnail

    You can keep the metalcore. I cant stand any of that schit accept Atilla. 

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    2 months ago

    I like a lot of bands too. Trying to keep it at a minimum , but you know how that goes....

    Allegaeon (Technical Death)

    Amorphis (Progressive Doom)

    The Arcane Order (Melodic Death)

    Blood Red Throne (Death)

    Burden Of Grief (Melodic Death)

    Cruachan (Celtic Folk Metal)

    Dark Tranquillity (Melodic Death)

    Deadsoul Tribe (Progressive)

    DornenReich (Melodic Black)

    Eisregen (Dark/Death)

    Fear Factory (Industrial)

    Haken (Progressive)

    Hypocrisy (Melodic Death)

    Infected Rain (Nu Metal)

    Insomnium (Melodic Death)

    Jorn (Heavy Metal)

    Kauan (Doom)

    Megaherz (Neue Deutsche Härte)

    Mercenary (Power/Death)

    Moonspell (Gothic)

    Mors Principium Est (Melodic Death)

    My Darkest Hate (Death)

    Naglfar (Melodic Black)

    Ne Obliviscaris (Progressive Death)

    Pagan's Mind (Progressive Power)

    Persefone (Progressive Death)

    Perzonal War (Heavy/Thrash)

    Saltatio Mortis (Medieval Folk)

    Saurom (Celtic Folk)

    Secrets Of The Moon (Black)

    Sonata Arctica (Power)

    Stormwarrior (Power)

    Subway To Sally (Medieval Folk Metal)

    Swallow The Sun (Melodic Death/Doom)

    Tanzwut (Medieval/Neue Deutsche Härte)

    Turmion Kätilöt (Industrial)

    Twelve Foot Ninja (AltMetal)

    The Unguided (Groove)

    Unleash The Archers (Power/Death)

    Vanden Plas (Progressive)

    The Vision Bleak (Gothic)

    Violent Work Of Art (Industrial/Death)

    Voyager (Progressive)

    Vreid (Melodic Black)

    Westfield Massacre (Groove)

    Wolfheart (Melodic Death)

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