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Hair Growing Question..?

So about 10 years ago I wanted to grow my hair long but my hair was super thick and stuck up like an Afro so I trained it to go down and I’ve had long hair since. I recently buzzed it because I shaved the sides and my barber messed it up so I wanted to start fresh. My question is, since it’s literally the shortest it’s been in 10 years, would I have to retrain my hair again? Or would it just grow out long again? Thanks to anyone who answers.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Hair grows at a monthly average of one-half inch.

    Hair is dead once it leaves the scalp.

    There are No shampoo, real poo, lotion, gel, snake oil, supplement, vitamin, etc. that will make it grow faster,  or thicker

    Afro Hair tends to CURL not grow straight without using chemicals or great care, combing.

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