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No More Genius Joe?

Joe Maddon was heralded as a genius when he led Tampa Bay to 97 wins and an AL pennant in his 3rd full season as manager.

That team had rising stars like Evan Longoria, Carl Crawford, BJ Upton, James Shields, Scott Kazmir, and Matt Garza yet Maddon happily accepted the credit for their success.

Maddon posted 6 winning seasons in 9 years on Florida's West Coast before bolting Tampa for Chicago's North Side.

Maddon led the Cubs to 5 straight winning seasons that saw the team win their first World Series in 108 years.

Once again Maddon was called a genius as he regaled the media with stories and anecdotes. It mattered little to the scribes that the Cubs possessed a ton of good, young, core talent.

Maddon was all that mattered, until he didn't win big games any longer.

The Cubs crashed and burned in consecutive Septembers and fans began to wonder if Maddon was as smart s he claimed to be.

When the team lost 10 of their last 12 games to fall out of contention last year, Maddon was done.

Yet he claimed that it was his choice to move on to a better opportunity in Anaheim.

The Angels lack the young talent that both Tampa Bay and the Cubs had when Maddon was there but they do have the best player in the game today, Mike Trout, as well as a handful of veteran hitters. 

Still, they have just 4 wins in 12 games so we could be witnessing the end of Maddon's magic. Good young talent can overcome an inept manager but average veteran talent apparently can't.

Is Mad-done?

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    My theory on managers has always been that they do little to help a team win but can do a lot to cause losses.   most good managers make the standard moves and stay our of the way.  I think modern GMs have mainly figured thus out.  They hire a manager who follows what the analytics tells him to do and can handle the media.  Aaron Boone is a case in point.   brought in from the ESPN TV booth to the Yankees. 

    Mass in was an overrated good natured media darling just as you describe. He killed it for 20 years.

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