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Why did my money transfer back to my capital one bank account?

So I ordered a pair of shoes on the Nike website for $80. The transaction went through and my shoes arrived at my house. When I check back in my bank account (I have a debit card btw), the transaction didn’t go through and I received my money back. It said 80 dollars was taken away before but now it’s all back. Is this a glitch or smth?

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  • Adam
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    1 month ago

    When you make a card purchase online the retailer processes the transaction and the bank holds the funds from your available balance until the retailer claims it, this is because card merchants can’t take your money instantly. If for whatever reason the merchant doesn’t finalise the transaction be taking the money, the bank release the hold on the available balance and the transaction will either disappear from your statement or it will show as a separate credit entry.

    For example on Amazon, they used to take the funds when you purchased the goods (now they do it when it’s been posted), if you then immediately cancelled the order the would still appear appear as a pending entry and taken from your available balance. It would then eventually drop off in a week or two as the merchant never took the funds.

    Anyway, someone has mucked up somewhere. There is a chance that you aren’t the only person who got free stuff that day! Unless you perhaps contacted them to try cancel the order and they still sent them anyway in error?

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Error in your favor. Id wait a month before you spend it just in case they take it back. And they can.

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