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Do people think it is hypocritical for geeks to require everyone to have friends to have a business or a house?

Or that they should use social media scores and who you were at 16 vs. you now, or you at 35 vs. other competitors at 14- 18 years old. Because that seems like fraud to me. This is why I am pushing for my ideas to become laws and why I won't stop till I am treated with respect and allowed to testify in court, to appeal my convictions, since 90% are false. I never drove all over the state selling drugs and stolen items and CD/DVD-Rs. But my sisters, Kim and Miranda did with Willow and Erindida.

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      You have a valid point, I watched, "Antitrust" and "The Social Network". I did not like how they (the future billionaires/geeks/wealthy), stereotyped, bribed, and blamed things on others, I think this should have been seriously investigated, instead of the wealthy assuming their systems work. They try to make the banking programs work by purging people disliked over the age of 30 years old. What if you need a job? What if your ex won't let your 5 children get houses or apartments or join law enforcement or the military, (because he doesn't love you like his wealthy new wife he cheated you on for the businesses.), when you have it in a hand written will, because they are dictating royal and twin and multiple protocols and business protocols to create monopolies and keep corporate monopolies and even small and medium business monopolies, and the police know. But they paid and want to live, so they and the authorities don't care, and they should!   I don't see why twins & multiples should be allowed to "rig the system" since birth, and they even have us paying for things that happened in "The Holy Bible", "The Dead Sea Scrolls", and "The Ethiopian Bible"! Even before that, encompassing all pre-columbian history just to satisify the intellectual, I think it is okay, but there has to be on limits, and huge companies or luxury companies (sofas, record labels, computers, etc., etc.). There needs to be more realistic caps on reporartions and caps on what classes and parents and communities and corporations and businesses can do to people. If your like me and you know business better and make the best business plans in town, they do illegal contracts, trick contracts, and business plan frauds, and frame you for business and money crimes. Even up to law enforcement and first responsders and insurance companies. Insurance companies could allow for "Self - Mades" again in business. We need a better solution, because it makes me cry, that my hometown stole my books, my inheritences for my babies and has already discriminated just so some famous music people can have their dreams fulfilled, but me lacking. It is just disgusting. No one and their families deserve that, and we all deserve to change faiths after high school and colleges, I am sorry Walt and BSB!

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