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Was Her Royal Highness Countess Sophie of Wessex the “it” girl of her debutante season ?

Has she only worn British designers for her ball gowns since having married Her Majesty’s son, and having given birth to children of the Blood Royal via the royal seed of her husband? 

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    JULY 26 marks the 60th year since debutantes were presented at the British Royal Court for the last time before the Queen abolished the ceremony. The tradition was launched by Queen Charlotte, wife of George III, to mark her birthday – and raise money for a maternity hospital – and lasted nearly 200 years

    And this was published  Mon, Jul 9, 2018.

    In other words there is no debutante season any more. And so Her Royal Highness Countess Sophie of Wessex never was a debutante troll.

  • Clo
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    2 months ago

    No, the former Sophie Rhys-Jones was never a debutante.

    People don't obsess over what Sophie wears so she may wear British designers as well as others; she probably also buys off-the rack.

    Sophie descends from King Henry IV of England.She is related to the family of the Viscounts Molesworth; her grandmother, Margaret Rhys-Jones, née Molesworth, was the great-granddaughter of the Rev. John Molesworth, himself the father of Sir Guilford Molesworth and the great-grandson of Robert Molesworth, 1st Viscount Molesworth.

    She was educated at  Dulwich Preparatory School, before moving on to Kent College, Pembury, then trained as a secretary at West Kent College, Tonbridge. She met Prince Edward on a job for Capitol Radio.


  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Sophie Rhys-Jones didn't do 'the season' she worked at Capital Radio, 

    which is where she met her husband.

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